2018 State of Identity & 2019 Outlook

Winterberry Group and the DMA recently surveyed more than 400 advertisers, marketers, fundraisers, publishers, technology developers, and marketing service providers to compile an all-encompassing report on identity resolution, management, and activation solutions.

Join experts from Winterberry Group and Drawbridge as we review the evolution of identity in today’s consumer-centric marketplace, and learn how these trends are shaping the products and services available for marketers.

We'll Cover:

  • What identity solutions are and how they work.
  • The range of marketing use-cases supported.
  • The data behind the market trends.
  • The outlook for identity – and obstacles to be overcome.

Date & Time:

Thursday, December 6th, 11am PST


Bruce Biegel
Senior Managing Director,
Winterberry Group

Mike Murphy
Director of Marketing,