Identity Through the Looking Glass: Tablets, Smartphones and Connected TVs, Oh My!

From market segmentation to full-resolution identity, being able to meet consumer expectations is at an all-time high when it comes to creating tailored engagement experiences. What’s more, the competitive landscape is growing vast and wide as your competitors compete for digital market share and impressions that convert in real-time both online and offline.

Join us on Wednesday, April 17 as we explore Identity Through the Looking Glass. During the session, we will take a look at how smart marketers are leveraging data-driven identity insights and solutions to delight and engage customers through their computers, tablets, smartphones and even connected TVs.

During the webinar we will:

  • Dig into the latest data trends and identify new opportunities for marketers.
  • Show how Identity can be implemented into your targeting strategy.
  • Share cross-channel measurement and attribution techniques unlocked by Identity.
  • Answer your questions during a live Q&A!


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KevinGraphic.png Kevin Mullen
Head of International Business Development