The need for people-based identity to understand customers across platforms, apps, and devices is exploding. Not only do brands need identity – they need it on demand. We’ve seen and heard first-hand from our customers that, as the applications for identity are broadening and getting more complex, the need for real-time, cloud-based identity solutions has arrived.

Thus, we set out to build a tool to support any identity use case thrown at us, whether it’s prospecting new customers, attributing offline sales to online campaigns, or even flagging potentially fraudulent logins. The Drawbridge RichQuery API provides actionable identity in real time for brands and enterprises, so you can identify, understand, and act on new and current customers in real time.

Join us for a quick webinar where we’ll cover:

  • The value of identity on demand
  • Potential applications for real-time identity
  • An API demo
  • And more!

Presented by:

Brian Ferrario
Vice President, Marketing

Jessica Tait
Product Marketing Manager

Janet Chang
Senior Product Manager