Identity fragmentation is no joke. Consumers engage with more devices and platforms than ever, leaving brands, agencies, and enterprises struggling with an incomplete view of their customers. Without a powerful cross-device, people-based identity solution they face inefficient targeting, holes in customer journeys, murky CRM databases, and all-around gaps in marketing strategies.

Our People-Based Identity Can Help

Drawbridge's Connected Consumer Graph® is the industry’s largest and most precise people-based identity graph, answering key identity questions for our customers. By using the graph, our customers can enhance their audience data, cross-device advertising, reporting, and deliver more personalized customer experiences. And it’s available for free for 60 days!

Audience Extension

Improve your chances of reaching your audience.

The Connected Consumer Graph maps devices and IDs to your customers, amplifying your reach by 3x. 

Cross-Device Attribution 

Improve your cross-device analytics by matching impressions, engagement, and conversions to consumers. 

Drawbridge’s machine-learning algorithms deliver both precision and scale to successfully match consumers across their devices. 


Reach your customers across all devices.  

Power your data, dynamic creative optimization, and sequential messaging targeting strategies across all devices.


What You Get from the Self-Serve Trial

Drawbridge empowers you to easily onboard your audience data, customize your own identity graph, learn about your graph composition through powerful analytics, and receive the rich data that answers your cross-device identity needs.

Here’s how to begin your free 60-day trial of the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph:

Read the Data Evaluation License Agreement so you know what to expect.

Map your audience data to Drawbridge via a simple cookie-sync, or upload a list of device IDs for us to start building your custom graph.

Verify the progress of your cookie-sync or device ID upload on the Drawbridge dashboard.

Visualize and evaluate the composition of your custom graph by consumers, devices, identifier types, and country.

More About The Leader in People-Based Identity

Drawbridge's Connected Consumer Graph is a people-based identity solution that leverages probabilistic, or predictive, methodologies to map your customers to their devices and IDs. It is built by applying large-scale AI and patented machine-learning technology to datapoints that Drawbridge receives. The company then populates a graph of connected customers and touchpoints, which brands can leverage to create more personalized experiences for their customers. Here’s why the Connected Consumer Graph is the solution for you:

Massive scale

With more than 1.3 billion consumers across more than 3.3 billion devices, Drawbridge maximizes the opportunities for you to match your audience to all of their devices and identifiers.

Truly Global

Over 80% coverage in North America and Europe, plus high coverage in Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

High Precision

Nielsen-validated 97.3% precision—the most precise probabilistic graph in the industry.