Start Your Self-Serve Graph Trial!

Try out the unique capabilities of the Connected Consumer Graph through our self-service platform - with a 60-day trial!

By using the self-service platform, you can easily onboard your data and create a customized graph to answer your cross-device identity needs:

  • Audience Extension - Is your first-party data siloed by device?
  • Cross-Device Targeting - Are you reaching your customers on all channels?
  • Attribution - Do you understand the conversion path of your most valuable customers?
  • Churn Analysis - Can you tell when customers are ready for an upgrade?
  • Security - Are you able to flag unauthenticated users?
  • Product Recommendations - Can you personalize suggested products for all customers?
  • Site Personalization - Are you optimizing content for non-logged in visitors? Do you understand the behavior of your anonymous users?
  • And much more!

Here’s why  a custom graph from Drawbridge is your best bet:

  • Massive scale – more than 1.3 billion consumers across more than 3.3 billion devices.
  • Truly global – over 80% coverage in North America and Europe, plus high coverage in Asia, Latin America, and Australia.
  • Nielsen-validated 97.3% precision – the most precise probabilistic graph in the industry.
  • Transportable data – drop the graph into your CRM system, DMP, email marketing cloud, or DSP for better marketing, attribution, and all around customer experiences.

The Drawbridge Self-Service Graph Platform enables you to create, tailor, and analyze your custom consumer graph – all based on your data!  Try it now for 60 days!

Here’s how to begin your free 60-day trial of the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph:

Read the Data Evaluation License Agreement so you know what to expect.

Map your audience data to Drawbridge via a simple cookie-sync, or upload a list of device IDs for us to start building your custom graph.

Verify the progress of your cookie-sync or device ID upload on the Drawbridge dashboard.

Visualize and evaluate the composition of your custom graph by consumers, devices, identifier types, and country.