Harness the Power of The Drawbridge Identity Graph with the Identity Platform

By using the platform, you can leverage our Identity Graph to connect, unify, and supercharge customer data to create a complete view of the people you do business with. It’s like an easy-button for identity that helps you create a proprietary unified ID across all of your siloed data.

What Makes the Drawbridge Identity Graph Unique?

Verified Precision

Drawbridge predicts matches with up to 97.3% precision, validated by Nielsen and others as the most precise technology-driven solution ever tested.

Unmatched Scale

The Identity Graph includes more than 1 billion consumers across more than 3 billion devices and more than 16 billion identifiers – the industry’s highest coverage, extending across 80% of the world’s internet users.

The Strongest Technology

Drawbridge is built on patented machine learning algorithms and our proprietary Solis AI, setting our graph apart and empowering you to see people as people, not just a set of links.

The First with MultiFocus Identity

Drawbridge serves up identity at the device, consumer, and household level, so you can move fluidly from device to customer to household, gleaning powerful insights along the way.

The Drawbridge Identity Platform completes your picture of customer identity, so you can deliver unparalleled experiences.
  • Easy Input: Bring us your data – or better yet, just point us to it and we’ll take it from there. We’ll ingest identifiers from your DSP, DMP, CDP, data provider, or even your internal data warehouse.

  • Powerful Extension: Get to know your customers across every channel by extending and connecting your data across devices, consumers, and households, with average amplification rates of 3x.

  • Seamless Delivery: Identity to go. Choose where Drawbridge should deliver the graph for activation. We can deliver to most major DMPs, DSPs, CDPs, SSPs, data providers, or directly to you.